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I’ll fix it tomorrow /sigh

Okay guys, last post for the night.  Still not taking in text requests just because I have so many to get through.  College has been rough and unkind :\

But if you want to submit a picture you made yourself, or even a text submission with the picture you want used in the submission, I’d be more than happy to get those up because it saves a lot of work for me :)


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syntelle replied to your photo

I didn’t think he was trying to put women in general down or anything(ex. saying they’re weaker than men). To me, Sanji just loves ladies so much that he can’t bring himself to hit one, even someone like Kalifa. He can’t help getting nosebleeds lol.

Oh yeah, I don’t think he feels like he’s superior or anything, he’s just old fashioned like that.

Though it does frustrate me to no end that he won’t fight women